8 Feb

Sincere condolences due to the earthquake in Taiwan

Taiwan Chapter of IAE

Dear Yi-Ying!

Please pass to the members of the Taiwan Chapter of IAE my sincere condolences due to the earthquake in Taiwan, as explained here:

Dear members of IAE and our Taiwan colleagues!

Let me express my sincere condolence to all who have suffered during the earthquake in Taiwan!

As it can be seen from the photos from mass-media, extensive destruction and great sufferings of those who have been in the area of the earthquake, are evident.

I hope that Taiwan Chapter of IAE will carry out a thorough analysis of the structures and buildings destroyed and seriously damaged during the disaster. I want to propose an idea of joint studies of the results of this analysis, involving specialists from the countries with seismically dangerous areas, on a conference or seminar during 2016, and to make certain conclusions for specification of design issues.

I want to emphasize that our colleagues from the International Academy of Engineering and other academies express sincerest condolences to all citizens of Taiwan.


Yours sincerely,

President of  IAE and RAE B.V. Gusev