In the end of 1991, on the basis of the Engineering Academy of the USSR, the engineering academies of CIS countries were created. These academies become became the founders of the International Academy of Engineering (IAE). The Academy was registered on February 10, 1992 by the Ministry of Justice as international public organization. The president of IAE, since the foundation, has been Boris Vladimirovich Gusev.

For the Academy establishing, great support was rendered by its honorable presidents, full members of USSR Academy of Sciences (now, Russian Academy of Sciences, RAS) A. Yu. Ishlinsky (Russia), and B. E. Paton (Ukraine).

At present, IAE includes almost 1300 members from 40 countries, among them heads of government and presidents of foreign states, prominent scientists, public figures, and the leaders of large scientific and industrial structures. The basic concept of the Academy on all stages of its development is based on the assistance to strengthening the engineering potential of the countries represented by the Academy members; improvement of spiritual, economic, environmental, and social aspects of life. The directions of IAE efforts are determined by special features and needs of development of each of the member states of the Academy (for detailed information see the heading “Scientific activity”).


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