Main areas of activity

Activity of national academies, representative offices and chapters of International Academy of Engineering is aimed at solving the following main tasks: 

  • assistance in uniting the most advanced part of scientists and engineers to increase the intellectual potential in the area of engineering activity, carrying out the most important and promising research and development;
  • creation of fundamentally new types of equipment, technologies and materials ensuring the acceleration of scientific and technological progress in key areas of engineering and technology on the basis of achievements of fundamental sciences
  • forecasting the development and improvement of scientific-technical potential of industrial branches, defining priority areas for this development. Development of proposals on modernization of production and technical structure;
  • development of theoretical basis in the area of fundamental sciences, and design on its basis of programmes for creation of fundamentally new technologies;
  • support and participation in carrying out complex research on the areas of the countries, their natural resources, development of promising methods of development and efficient use of natural resources and raw materials;
  • analysis and development of programs for safety of individual and society, including problems of environmental engineering, reducing threats of conflicts, environmental and information hazard;
  • promoting the revival and strengthening of prestige of the engineering profession, its public importance, consolidation of the scientific and engineering community, enhancing social status and protecting the professional interests of engineers;
  • assistance in the development of scientific and engineering creativity, satisfaction of professional interests;
  • conducting independent public technical-economical assessment of international and national programmes and major projects;
  • assisting engineers and scientists in the implementation of promising inventions and developments;
  • development of proposals on the content and organization of higher engineering education, the preparation of personnel with higher scientific qualification, coordination of scientific and methodological activities for training and retraining of engineering personnel, and development of the concept of training engineers of the future;
  • the establishment of direct international contacts and ties, representing the engineering community, signing of relevant agreements;
  • conducting educational activities in the field of engineering, environment protection and humanistic education;
  • scientific-methodological and information support of economic and social reforms, including the problem of conversion;
  • participation in the development and implementation of international scientific programs and projects;
  • involvement of research teams on a contract basis to perform research and development tasks, design of projects and programmes in collaboration with scientific-research institutes and scientific centers of the world;
  • carrying out competitions of different levels, including competitions of promising inventions and innovation proposals, with the aim of finding efficient ideas, technologies and original solutions;
  • participation, organization and holding of international congresses, conferences, seminars, meetings and exhibitions following the main topics of the Academy, in order to promote scientific advances and discoveries, accelerating their implementation in practice;
  • implementation of editorial and publishing activities, development and implementation of programs of preparing and issue of scientific proceedings, monographs, encyclopedias on various areas of engineering knowledge;
  • publishing of magazines, newspapers etc.


The information about the activity of the structures of the International Academy of Engineering is available in the “Structure of IAE” section, choosing the national academy (chapter, representative office).