29 Sep

We inform you about the events that took place in the business life of the FBA EAC in September 2023:

On September 4, 2023 T.Suleimenov, Member of the Supervisory Board of FBA EAC, was appointed Chairman of the National Bank of Kazakhstan by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Read more on the website: https://www.fbacs.com/en/articles/congratulations-to-timur-suleimenov-on-his-new-appointment.html

On September 5, 2023 the 1st «Digital Finance: New Economic Reality» Forum was held with the support of the RSPP. A.Murychev, Vice-President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs and Chairman of the FBA EAC Board, took part in the forum and spoke at the strategic session «Topical Issues of Development and Regulation of Digital Finance in Russia». He noted that as a result of the work carried out in recent years with the participation of the RSPP, many proposals of the business community have been taken into account and reflected in amendments on «digital rights» in the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, in the law on attracting investments using investment platforms and in the law on digital financial assets. For more information, please follow the link:https://rspp.ru/events/news/tsifrovizatsiya-i-razvitie-tekhnologiy-v-finansovoy-sfere-mogut-dat-znachitelnyy-effekt-v-povyshenii-dostupnosti-finansovykh-resursov-64f849fa41d40/?sphrase_id=1247114

On September 6, 2023 the National Council for Professional Qualifications under the President of the Russian Federation held a meeting on the transition to a new model of higher education and the use of mechanisms of the National Qualifications System in the higher education system. A.Murychev, Vice-President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Chairman of the Financial Markets Association «Council for Professional Qualifications Development», Chairman of the FBA EAC Board, took part in the discussion. The participants of the meeting decided to hold discussions on the use of mechanisms of the National Qualifications System in higher education on a regular basis. Read more on the website: https://rspp.ru/events/news/v-natssovete-obsudili-integratsiyu-obrazovatelnykh-programm-i-nsk-64ff29010c399/?sphrase_id=1247114

On September 7, 2023 a meeting was held on the issue: «Interaction between policyholders, insurers and the Russian National Reinsurance Company on the issues of providing information on reinsurance terms and conditions». The meeting was moderated by A.Murychev, Vice-President of RSPP, Chairman of the FBA EAC Board. He informed that the RSPP had conducted a survey of Russian companies on the reasons for direct application to the RNRC for relevant information and familiarized the meeting participants with the results of the survey. As a result of the discussion, it was decided to summarize all the proposals received by the  RSPP and send them to the Bank of Russia. For more details, please follow the link: https://rspp.ru/events/news/v-rspp-obsudili-voprosy-vzaimodeystviya-strakhovykh-kompaniy-rossiyskikh-predpriyatiy-i-rnpk-64ff2f3c1dfe3/?sphrase_id=1247114

On September 11, 2023 the Financial and Business Association of Eurasian Cooperation celebrates 10 years since its foundation.More information is available at the link: https://www.fbacs.com/en/articles/we-are-celebrating-our-10th-anniversary.html

On September 14, 2023 a meeting of the RSPP Commission on Construction Complex was held on the topic «Architectural appearance of cities – a new tool for urban development».  The meeting was attended by A.Murychev, Vice-President of the RSPP, Chairman of the FBA EAC Board. He emphasized in his welcoming speech on behalf of the RSPP that the development of urban planning in modern Russia is characterized by the increased attention of the state to the formation of a quality urban environment, improving its comfort, the transition to a comprehensive balanced development of cities. Read more on the website: https://rspp.ru/events/news/zasedanie-komissii-rspp-po-stroitelnomu-kompleksu-na-temu-arkhitekturnyy-oblik-gorodov-novyy-instrument-gradostroitelnogo-razvitiya-proshlo-14-sentyabrya-v-rspp-650d950427559/?sphrase_id=1247114

On September 20, 2023 an international thematic round table «Import of electronics to Eurasian countries in conditions of political and economic instability: opportunities, tools, practices» was held within the framework of the traditional «Business Dialogues» program. The round table was opened by A.Kotlyarsky, First Vice-President of FBA EAC. The moderator of the event was E.Panasyuk, Deputy General Director of Merida Group. The participants discussed issues of current foreign economic activity in Eurasia, new ways, routes and solutions in logistics and customs clearance, peculiarities of parallel imports in the electronics market, shared their experience of currency transactions with new friendly countries in conditions of increased sanctions pressure and unstable exchange rate, as well as answered the questions of those present.  Detailed information is available at: https://www.fbacs.com/en/articles/round-table-import-of-electronics-to-eurasian-countries-in-conditions-of-political-and-economic-inst.html

On September 21, 2023 a business meeting with representatives of Chinese business was held. FBA EAC was represented at the negotiations by A.Tkachuk, member of the FBA EAC Board and E.Bazhov, Head of the FBA EAC Representative Office in China. The meeting was of introductory nature, the participants of the meeting evaluated each other’s capabilities in promotion of projects and ideas, outlined further steps for development of mutually beneficial partnership. Read more on the website: https://www.fbacs.com/en/articles/a-business-meeting-with-chinese-entrepreneurs-was-held-on-september-21.html

On September 22, 2023 at the headquarters of FBA EAC a business meeting was held between A.Murychev, Chairman of the FBA EAC Board and I.Kozhin, Head of the UNIDO Center for International Industrial Cooperation in the Russian Federation. The meeting was attended by S.Korotkov, Advisor to the Chairman of the FBA EAC Board. The participants discussed the opportunities and areas of interaction between the FBA EAC and the UNIDO Center, which is designed to ensure cooperation with Russian and international partners to implement UNIDO programs and projects, as well as to promote the role of UNIDO in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. More information is available at:https://www.fbacs.com/en/articles/business-meeting-between-the-management-of-fba-eac-and-unido.html

On September 28, 2023 high-level International Roundtable was held in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The discussion was devoted to the search for optimal and sustainable models of pension systems, as well as the prospects for the development of mandatory funded and mixed systems. B.Sagintaev, Minister for Economy and Financial Policy of the EEC, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the FBA EAC, took part in the round table. He noted that the EAEU countries are now actively working on transferring the interaction in the field of pensions for workers into an electronic format, which will be carried out using the integrated information system of the Union. Read more on the website: https://eec.eaeunion.org/news/bakytzhan-sagintaev-strany-eaes-perevodyat-vzaimodeystvie-v-sfere-pensionnogo-obespecheniya-trudyashch/

In the near future, the following events will take place in the life of the FBA EAC:

The year 2023 will be held under the auspices of the FBA EAC’s 10th anniversary.

The business program for 2023 includes business, representational and anniversary events.

In October 2023 applications for participation in the Competition for the International Public Award «Business Elite of Eurasia» will continue to be accepted. Please note that within the framework of the award in the anniversary year of the FBA EAC, there are six nominations, including new ones.  Details on participation in the Contest and the nomination-2023 are available on the website: https://www.fbacs.com/en/articles/the-provision.html

In 2023, the photo Contest “The world through the eyes of a photographer – 2023” continues. We invite non-professional photographers from the countries of the FBA EAC presence to participate in the photo contest. Read the terms of the contest on the journal’s website: https://www.herald.media/en/photo-contest#photo-contest-rules . Please note that electronic voting for the Audience Award will begin on the FBA EAC website on October 15, 2023. We look forward to your votes to determine the winners.

On October 3, 2023 at 12.00 MSK a meeting of the Association’s Bureau of the Board will be held at the FBA EAC headquarters at Kotelnicheskaya nab., 17. The participants will discuss the format of the Association’s anniversary celebration, the 2023 budget, restructuring the activities of a number of FBA EAC committees and other issues related to the Association’s current activities.

In October 2023 the Association’s anniversary booklet is scheduled to be released.  Vice-presidents, chairmen of committees, heads of representative offices are invited to join the preparation of this publication, having worked out the issue of preparing congratulations for the FBA EAC from significant international, state, public organizations that will be included in the booklet.

On October 19, 2023 the regional financial event «FinConference 2023» will take place in Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic. The main program of the financial conference «FinConference 2023» is devoted to topical issues in the field of decentralized finance, payment instruments, correspondent relations and other related topics. Presentations and panel discussions are expected within the framework of this program, which will highlight the following aspects:

  • decentralized finance: consideration of the concept and principles of decentralized finance, including blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies, decentralized exchanges and other innovations in the financial sector;
  • payment instruments: discussion of various payment systems, their development, efficiency and security. Consideration of new technologies and trends in payment services, including mobile payments, electronic wallets and digital payment platforms and money transfer systems;
  • correspondent relations: analysis of current challenges and opportunities in correspondent banking, including liquidity issues, regulation, risk, and regulatory compliance issues;
  • innovations in the financial sector and open banking: Discussion of new technological developments used in the financial industry, including artificial intelligence, big data, robotics and process automation.

Forum Organizer: OUL “Union of Banks of Kyrgyzstan”.

From November 8 to 16, 2023, the FBA EAC International Business Week will take place. A number of round tables on industry topics will be held during the week. 

The following topics and basic countries are proposed for the event:

  • Agriculture and fertilizers as instruments of power in the new current geopolitical scenario (Brazil) – 08.11.23
  • Energy security of the European energy market (Serbia) – 09.11.23
  • Digitalization of Business as a Key Competitive Advantage. Global Trends and International Practice (Australia) – 14.11.23
  • Who and how creates the transport and logistics map of Greater Eurasia (Russia) -15.11.23
  • Cross-border settlements in a multipolar world (Russia) – 16.11.2023
  • “Human Capital” – the basic source of economic development (Russia) – 16.11.2023

On November 16, 2023 the plenary session of the X Moscow International Financial and Economic Forum “Building bridges, not barriers. Business Eurasia in a New Reality” will be held.

We invite for cooperation information partners of the forum, sponsors and speakers.

On November 28-30, 2023 the International Forum-Exhibition «Russian Industrialist» will be held in St. Petersburg at Expoforum Convention and Exhibition Centre.
«Russian Industrialist» Forum is a federal platform, which brings together large companies and the Government, leading technological companies, universities, scientific organizations, small and medium enterprises and foreign partners.
The main theme of the Forum – 2023 is «Sustainability and Development: Key Technologies, Role of the State, Personnel for Industry, New Contours of International Cooperation».
The Forum will be attended by industrialists and entrepreneurs, federal executive authorities, development institutions, regions of the Russian Federation, scientific institutions and international delegations from friendly countries.
The official and business program of the Forum includes events organized by the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, development institutions, and the Government of St. Petersburg.
The Forum will also host key federal events: the finals of the Professional Skills Championship «Professionals», the Russian Industrialist Engineering Forum and the St. Petersburg Congress “Professional Education, Science and Innovation in the XXI Century” and the Working Youth Forum.The specialised exhibition “Russian Industrialist” will combine expositions of backbone enterprises, regions, sectoral expositions, collective expositions of Russia’s industrial partner countries and development institutions.
The specialized exhibition “Russian Industrialist” will combine expositions of backbone enterprises, regions, sectoral expositions, collective expositions of Russia’s industrial partner countries and development institutions.
The program of the Forum and detailed information about the Forum is available on the website
Current information Telegram channel
For information on participation, please contact the Exhibition Director: Marina Barova, +7 917 110-85-95, e-mail: my.barova@expoforum.ru.