17 Jun

General Meeting International Academy of Engineering following the outcomes of 2016

On May 19, 2017 in the Russian State University named after A. N. Kosygin

(Moscow, 1, Malaya Kaluzhskaya St.) there was held General Meeting of the International Academy of Engineering (IAE)

The participants of General Meeting were welcomed by the administration of the Russian State University named after A. N. Kosygin. The University President, Prof. V. S. Belgorodsky and Vice-President for scientific and innovative work, Prof. O. V. Kashcheev thanked the RAE Presidium and IAE Presidential Council for support in restoring the name of USSR Prime Minister Alexey Nikolaevich Kosygin to the Joint University.

The representatives of Azerbaijan Academy of Engineering, Armenian Academy of Engineering, Georgian Academy of Engineering, Engineering Academy of the Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan Academy of Engineering, Uzbekistan Engineering Federation, Kazakhstan National Academy of Engineering, Russian Academy of Engineering, IAE Department in Slovenia and IAE Central European Department took part in General Meeting.

IAE President Gusev Boris Vladimirovich made a summary report on 2016 main outcomes. He noted that in 2017 the International Academy of Engineering will celebrate the 25th anniversary since the date of its foundation. In 1991-1992 there were established CIS Academies of Engineering as part of the Russian Academy of Engineering. Later the CIS Academies for Engineering founded the International Academy of Engineering, which in 1992 was registered International public organization. A great contribution to the IAE organization was made by its honorary presidents, academicians of the USSR Academy of Sciences I. A. Glebov, A. Yu. Ishlinsky and B. E. Paton.

 Currently the International Academy of Engineering includes 15 representational offices – national engineering academies, offices and representations from Asia, America and Europe.

The IAE unites more than 1300 members from 40 countries. Among them there are heads of governments and presidents of foreign countries, prominent scientists, public figures and heads of major scientific and industrial companies

The key concept of the academy at all development stages is based on promoting engineering potential capacity and recourses in those countries in which the members of the academy work, in the attempt to improve spiritual, economic, ecological and social life. The IAE focus areas are determined by the specifics and requirements of spiritual, economic, scientific and technical development of each country-member.

 With contributions from IAE national academies, departments and representational offices in 2016 there were obtained the following results:

more than 170 forums, conferences, exhibitions, workshops, symposiums were held;
more than 155 books, monographs, textbooks were published;
more than 1350 articles were published;
more than 50 scientific and information periodicals were published;
160 inventor certificates and patents were received;
13 doctors of science and 32 PhD students defended their thesis;
93 people were awarded orders and medals;
13 people became the laureates of national awards;
5 people became the laureates of international awards;

5 people became honored workers.

Contribution to the discussion:

Kozhogulov Kamchybek Chonmurunovich, President of Engineering Academy of the Kyrgyz Republic;

Baksheev Dmitry Semyonovich, IAE academician, Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Engineering;

Minasyan Sergey Ashotovich, President of Armenian Academy of Engineering;

Katalinich Branko, Head of the IAE Central European Department;

Dzhanakhmedov Akhad Hanakhmed ogli, Chief Scientific Secretary, Vice-President of Azerbaijan Academy of Engineering;

Saidmurodov Lyutfillo Habibulloyevich, President of Tajikistan Academy of Engineering;

Vakulko Anatoly Georgiyevich, IAE Academician, Deputy Academician-Secretary of “Energetika” RAE;

Emri Igor, Head of IAE Department in Slovenia;

Prangishvili Archil Iveriyevich, President of Georgian Academy of Engineering;

Tikhonov Arkady Konstantinovich, IAE academician, Head of RAE Tolyatti Department and other members of IAE

The academy elected 49 new members: 26 academicians, 23 corresponding members. The electees represent the Azerbaijan Republic, Belgium, Germany, the Kyrgyz Republic, Poland, the Republic Armenia, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Republic of Tajikistan, the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Russian Federation, Serbia, Slovenia, Taiwan, and Croatia.

We hope that in years ahead the Academy will have more young members it its team.

Presidium of Presidential Council

International Academy of Engineering