Automatic technological lines for production of precast concrete >>

B.V. Gusev

“Automatic technological lines for production of precast concrete”

ISBN 978-5-902352-55-6


The book analyzes the main trends in the creation of automated production lines, provides unique technical solutions for certain lines, summarizes production experience of their operation.

The author, since the late 60s of the twentieth century, has been actively working in various areas of technology of concrete and reinforced concrete, especially on issues of durability of concrete as a composite material. In the early 70s, the works began on the vibratory compaction of concrete mixtures,  mechano-chemical activation of the concrete mixture, the problems of accelerating the hardening of concrete mixtures. In the precast concrete industry there have been developed and widely used low-frequency vibration modes, including stroke-vibrational equipment. The mentioned projects made it possible to create a concept of continuous flow process for the production of wide range of reinforced concrete products, and to start work on automation of technological processes for the most mass-produced types of products.

The book shows that automation is most effective for enterprises with continuous production processes. It significantly reduces the influence of subjective factors on the process and makes it possible to achieve more rhythmic and high-performance work. Automation of technological processes in the production of reinforced concrete products and structures should provide:

– Reduction of raw materials, electricity, fuel, water, and other materials consumption;

– Labour safety and improved working conditions of service staff (in particular, noise reduction);

– Reduction of the number of personnel directly engaged in the production and management;

– Improving product quality.

Developing the automated production lines, the leading research, design, engineering and manufacturing organizations aimed at obtaining all the above-mentioned results. The technological platform for technological reequipment of precast concrete industry was created by a range of research and design institutes under the supervision of the author, Head of Laboratory for Improvement of Factory Technology of Precast Concrete, Scientific Research Institute for Concrete and Reinforced concrete (NIIZhB) of USSR State Construction Committee. Later, the work began on creation of automated lines for production of mass types of products, with capacity over 20 thousand m³.

The book will be useful for researchers and specialists in the field of concrete and reinforced concrete technology, for engineers of design organizations, as well as for graduate students and students of construction specialties.