9 Aug

The events that took place in the business life of the FBA EAC

Dear members of the FBA EAC!

We inform you about the events that took place in the business life of the FBA EAC in July 2021:

On July 1, 2021 scheduled meeting of the President of the FBA EAC A. Tkachuk’s meeting with the Vice-Presidents and Chairmen of the FBA EAC Committees took place in the video conference mode. He noted the productivity of the work of the FBA EAC Committee on Economic and Strategic Cooperation in June and stressed that the Association is actively developing cooperation with the countries of the Middle East and North Africa today. The Chairmen of the committees spoke about the success of their work in June and shared their future plans.
More information is available on the FBA EAC website at the link: https://www.fbacs.com/en/articles/a-planned-meeting-with-the-fba-eac-president-anatoly-tkachuk-took-place-on-july-1-2021.html

On July 6, 2021 the President of the FBA EAC A.Tkachuk held a working meeting with a representative of the business community of the Republic of Sudan represented by the Chairman of the Council of the International Organization GlobalInterProm, Mr. Sami Hassan Ahmed in Moscow.

During the meeting, the issues of interaction of the business community of the Republic of Sudan with the FBA EAC in the framework of the implementation of major infrastructure projects, the establishment of trade processes, as well as the involvement of various financial and banking mechanisms were discussed. During the negotiation, a number of African companies showed their interest to join the EAC FBA members in order to expand cooperation at the international level. Thus, the EAC FBA will be able to strengthen significantly its position on the African continent.
More information at the link: https://www.fbacs.com/en/articles/anatoly-tkachuk-president-of-the-fba-eac-held-a-meeting-with-a-representative-of-the-business-commun.html

On July 8, 2021 Within the framework of the Association’s “Business Dialogues” program, a round table “Practical solutions for current financial problems” was held in the format of the VCS, organized by the FBA EAC Committee on Finance and Investment. More than 70 companies from Russia, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, China, Bulgaria, France, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Senegal, Mongolia and Hungary took part in it. The Chairman of the Committee P. Delmotte moderated the event.
The following speakers addressed the issues on the agenda: Senior Manager for Customer Services of the bank A. Khomyakova and Business Development Adviser of the bank V. Voitsekhovich from the Eurasian Development Bank; Business Development Director, VTB Bank (PJSC) Y. Kasyanov; Managing Director for Trade and Syndicated Financing of the International Bank for Economic Development E. Kuzmicheva, as well as the Head of the Center for Green Finance of the Astana International Financial Center (Kazakhstan) A. Kazybayev.

  1. Berezovoy, General Director of the FBA EAC, made a final speech.
    More information at the link: https://www.fbacs.com/en/articles/practical-solutions-for-current-financial-problems.html

July 15, 2021 a round table organized by the RSPP Commission on Banks and Banking Activities was held in the video conference mode on the Zoom platform. Its topic was “Approaches to ecosystem regulation in Russia and the world: proposals of the business community”.
The moderator of the round table was A. Murychev, Chairman of the Board of the FBA EAC, Vice-President of the RSPP and Chairman of the Commission on Banks and Banking Activities. On behalf of the FBA EAC, the General Director O. Berezovoy took part in the round table.
Read full information on our website: https://www.fbacs.com/en/articles/the-topic-was-approaches-to-ecosystem-regulation-in-russia-and-the-world-proposals-of-the-business-c.html

On July 16, 2021 there was a meeting of the President of the FBA EAC A.Tkachuk with the Chairman and CEO of Protecti Global Holdings Limited, Jai Verma (India).
During the negotiations, the issues of the search for interaction formats, the company’s membership in the FBA EAC, as well as the possibilities of mutually beneficial cooperation within the pharmaceutical industry of the Russian Federation, Africa, the Middle East and India were discussed. The parties expressed their intention to create a profile committee within the framework of the FBA EAC.
More information is available on the FBA EAC website at the link: https://www.fbacs.com/en/articles/meeting-of-the-president-of-the-fba-eac-tkachuk-a-n-with-the-chairman-and-ceo-of-the-company-protect.html

On July 16, 2021 The Presidium of the Council of the Association of Banks of Russia was held. The participants considered the participation of regional banks in supporting the agro-industrial complex and measures to stimulate environmental programs, issues of participation of regional banks in state support programs for agricultural producers, as well as possible measures to stimulate financial support for environmental programs, including ESG-banking. Representatives of the Ministry of Finance, the Bank of Russia, and the Ministry of Economic Development attended the meeting. A. Murychev, Chairman of the Management Board, took part in the meeting on behalf of the FBA EAC. Read more: https://asros.ru/news/asros/prezidium-soveta-assotsiatsii-bankov-rossii-obsudil-uchastie-regionalnykh-bankov-v-podderzhke-apk-i-/

On July 19, 2021 an open round table of the Committee of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Sustainable Development of the Real Sector of the Economy and Investment Activity (the Committee of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry) was held in the format of a videoconference on the topic: “Forms of international and interregional cooperation of entrepreneurs in the legal field of the Eurasian Economic Union – the main problems and opportunities for business”.
The round table was held with the participation of the Leadership of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Moscow Representative Office, the Financial and Business Association of Euro-Asian Cooperation, with the support of the Moscow Government and the Department of Economic Policy and Development of the City of Moscow.
Employees of the CCI of Russia and Belarus, the CCI committees of Moscow and a number of regions, as well as representatives of educational, scientific institutions and the business community, attended the event. In total, more than 30 participants took part in the Round Table. The event was moderated by O. Chernyshev, Chairman of the ITCI Committee, Head of the FBA EAC Representative Office in the Central Federal District. Read full information on our website: https://www.fbacs.com/en/articles/moscow-chamber-of-commerce-and-industry-s-committee-round-table.html

July 20, 2021, the President of the FBA EAC A.Tkachuk took part in the opening and the first day of the International Aviation and Space Salon “MAKS-2021” in Zhukovsky, near Moscow.

A.Tkachuk held a number of business meetings with representatives of the international business community interested in cooperation with Russian partners in the development of the aerospace industry. Establishing cooperation with partners in the aviation industry can become an important element of the development of international cooperation within the framework of the FBA EAC.

More information is available on the FBA EAC website at the link: https://www.fbacs.com/en/articles/president-of-fba-eac-anatoly-tkachuk-took-part-in-the-opening-and-first-day-of-the-maks-2021-interna.html

On July 27, 2021, President of the FBA EAC A.Tkachuk held a working meeting with the Vice-president of the Moscow Association of Entrepreneurs (MAE) T. Pakholko. During the meeting, the issue of cooperation on the implementation of international projects at the sites of associations was discussed. More information at the link: http://www.fbacs.com/articles/prezident-fba-eas-anatoliy-tkachuk-provel-rabochuyu-vstrechu-s-vitse-prezidentom-moskovskoy-assotsia.html

On July 28, 2021 a meeting of business circles on the topic “Engineering projects today and tomorrow. Discussion of current projects and prospects for future joint projects” was held at the Moscow Engineering Center of the NIKMAS Concern in Moscow. Representatives of FBA EAC and the following companies attended the event: RusHydro, Basis, Ecos, Association of Compressor Plants, KKZ, VagonRegionTrans, Southern Car Repair Company, StankoPress, Apex Agro, Eurasian HR Center.

The President of the Association Anatoly Tkachuk, Chairman of the FBA EAC Committee on Industrial Policy and Engineering Grigory Dashutin and Project Manager of ECOS Group Oleg Boldyrev represented FBA EAC at the meeting.

Read more: https://www.fbacs.com/en/articles/a-meeting-of-business-circles-was-held-on-the-topic-engineering-projects-today-and-tomorrow-discussi.html

In mid – July, an electronic version was published and on July 30, 2021 a printed version of the new issue of the Eurasian Financial and Economic Herald. The next issue is expected in October.

Read the latest issue at the link: https://www.fbacs.com/en/articles/herald-july-2021.html

In the near future, the following events will take place in the life of the FBA EAC:

In August 2021, applications will continue to be accepted for participation in the Competition for the International Public Prize “Business Elite of Eurasia”.

Nominations of 2021:

  • “The standard of stability”
  • “Social responsibility”
  • “Technological breakthrough”.

The official ceremony of awarding the winners will take place on November 17, 2021 at the address: Moscow, Novinsky Boulevard, 8, building 2, Lotte Hotel Moscow.

Competition details: http://www.fbacs.com/articles/o-premii.html

In August 2021, the presentation of the electronic business platform of the FBA EAC will take place. The date of the event will be announced later.

In August 2021, continuing the project of the Photo Contest “The World through the eyes of a photographer”, FBA EAC invites amateur photographers to take part in the competition and become its finalist. The results of the competition will be summed up in November 2021. The terms of the photo contest are available on the FBA EAC website at the link:  http://www.fbacs.com/articles/fotokonkurs-moya-strana.html

Also in August 2021, we plan the following events: meeting of the Organizing Committee of the VIII Moscow International Financial and Economic Forum, a meeting of the Management Board and a Meeting of the President. The dates of the events will be announced later.

In August-early September 2021, we plan to present you the website of the journal “Eurasian Financial and Economic Herald”, as well as the website of the VIII Moscow International Financial and Economic Forum. Now access to all the information will be even more convenient.

On September 23, 2021, the FINTECH Forum will be held in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The event will be held at the Rixos Hotel Almaty. The information partner of the forum is the Eurasian Financial and Economic Herald. Learn more about the event: https://fintech.plus-forum.com/

In October 2021, a new issue of the Herald will be released. The Editorial Board counts on congratulations from the members and partners of the Association, as well as materials for publication due to the fifth anniversary of the magazine.

On November 18, 2021, at 10.00 Moscow time, the VIII Moscow International Annual Financial and Economic Forum will be held.

The topic of the Forum is “Build bridges, not walls. Business Eurasia in a New Reality”.

Address: Moscow, Novinsky blvd., 8, building 2, Lotte Hotel Moscow.

The Format of the Forum is mixed: offline and online, the languages of the forum are: Russian, English, French.

The program includes a plenary session and panel sessions:

  • Digitalization of industry – a transition to a new era of industrialization;
  • Monetary and financial support of cross-border partnership;
  • Transport and logistics corridors – the infrastructure framework of the great Eurasian partnership.

The forum program is enclosed in the attachment.

You can find the materials of previous forums on the FBA EAC website at: http://www.fbacs.com/articles/arkhiv-foruma_.html.