15 Feb

The issue of the surface nanostructuring


A.M. Pashayev, A.Kh. Janahmadov


Scientific EditorAcad. Boris Gusev
President of the International Academy of Engineering,
Winner of State Prizes of the USSR and the Russian Federation

The book outlines the principles of nanostructuring of surface layers and coating. Some examples of the implementation of nanotechnological approaches are given and the advantages of their use in practice are shown. New methods of hardening materials by nanostructuring their surface layers, applying nanostructured coatings, and forming submicrocrystalline structures at internal interfaces are considered.

The approaches of the fractal method of modeling the film growth on metal surfaces are developed, the kinetics of corrugation is analyzed, and the numerical simulation of the film growth is provided.

The book is intended for science and technical experts in the field of mechanics and physics of plasticity and strength of solids, physical materials science, and can also be useful for teachers, graduate students and senior students of higher educational institutions.