21 Mar

To invite applications for the following posts in the International Academy of Engineering: full members in total of 25 people; corresponding members in total of 50 people. The deadline for submitting papers to the Committee is May 5, 2017

International Academy of Engineering
invites applications for the following posts in May, 2017

– full members intotal of 25 people;
– corresponding members in total of  50 people.

Fields of study

  • Aerospace engineering
  • Water management and hydraulic engineering
  • Military engineering issues
  • Geology, production and conversion of minerals
  • Rail transport
  • Engineering biotechnology
  • Engineering mechanics
  • Engineering ecology and resource-saving
  • Engineering problems of stability and conversion
  • Information security
  • Information systems, computer and electronic facilities, communication and telecommunications
  • Communications (transport systems, etc.)
  • Timber technologies
  • Materials science and technology
  • Mechanical engineering (automobile, tractor, construction and road)
  • Mechanical engineering (heavy, energy, transport, etc.)
  • Medical and engineering issues
  • Metallurgy
  • Oil and gas technologies
  • Legal support of engineering activities
  • Problems of engineering education
  • Management systems, diagnostics, instrument engineering
  • Construction
  • Shipbuilding
  • Technology of light industry
  • Technology of the food industry
  • Turbine construction
  • Chemical technologies
  • Economy and management in engineering activities
  • Power engineering, including nuclear engineering 

 When applying candidates are to present the following papers

  1. Application — 1 copy
    2. Characterizationfromnominationorganizationor current members of IAE — 1 copy
    3.Personnel records — 1 copy
    4. Narrativebiography — 1 copy
    5.Copies of diplomas,certificates on conferment of degrees and titles— 1 copy
    6.Certificateoncreativeactivity— 1 copy
    7.Listofscientificpapers and engineering developments — 1 copy
    8.Photos3х4 cm — 3 copies
    9. Forma1 IAE (Academy’sform ––for electronic database
    see RAE website (www.Info-rae.ru), section «Awards») — 1 copy

Materials are to be presented to the Committee of the International Academy of Engineering.

Address: 125009, Moscow, GazetnyPereulok, 9, building 4; phone (495) 629-0581;

ph./fax: (495) 510-2160; e-mail: info-rae@mail.ru.

The materials provided to the International Academy of Engineering are stored for 3 months, afterwards the Committee shall not be liable for documents preservation.

The deadline for submitting papers is May 5, 2017