International Tang Prize

The international Tang Prize is a scientific and public award for outstanding achievements in nominations Sustainable Development, Biopharmaceuticals, Sinology, Rule of Law. It follows the traditions of the world practice such as Olympic Movement, Nobel Prize, and other international contests.

самуэл2 (1)                                  Дженн-Чуан Черн (Jenn-chuan Chern)-1.

Founder of the Tang Prize –                                         CEO of the Tang Prize Foundation –
Dr. Samuel Yen-Liang Yin                                             Prof. Jenn-chuan Chern

The Prize is given each two years, since 2014. In each nomination it amounts about 1 360 000 USD, as well as additional grants about 340 000 USD for carrying out further research, in total about 1,7 million USD for winner.


The Tang Prize Medal.The Tang Prize Medal,
designed by Japanese designer Fukasawa Naoto, is a single piece of 214 g .99,99 pure gold.
The spiral curves imply the structure of DNA, a spiral galaxy, an image of a dragon, in addition to speaking of one’s life forсe and expressing a dynamism of movement. Although the spiral curves are based on a circular structure, they never return to the same position.
What they express is a sense of infinity that applies to our history, growth, and life.



2018 Tang Prize Diploma Design Concept Tang Prize Diploma is a token for recognizing the contribution of the laureates. 2018 Tang Prize Diploma design has been commissioned to the world renowned Dutch book designer Irma Boom. Abstract and original, the diploma design is paper art in its simplicity, reflecting the philosophy of the Tang Prize. Vivid green, yellow, red, and blue represent the four prize categories, Sustainable Development, Biopharmaceutical Science, Sinology, and Rule of Law, respectively.


Boris V. Gusev, President of the International and Russian Academies of Engineering, international Tang Priee Committee Member 


The meeting was to enhance the promotion of the Tang Prize.
From left to right: Professor Tserng, chairman of the jury, Professor Chern,
President of IAE Gusev B.V., President of NEARK Zhumagulov B.T.


Commemorative picture

 Tang Prize ceremony in 2018 >>


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