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On May 18th, 2018, the general meeting of the International Academy of Engineering (IAE) and the Russian Academy of Engineering took place at the Russian State University of Design and Technology

International Academy of Engineering
General Meeting

On May 18th, 2018, the general meeting of the International Academy of Engineering (IAE) and the Russian Academy of Engineering took place at the Russian State University of Design and Technology ( Kosygin’s University)
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The participants of the general meeting were greeted by the administration of the Kosygin’s University: the President, prof. V.S. Belgorodskiy and the Vice-president for science and innovation, prof. O.V. Kasheev. They thanked the IAE Council of Presidents and the RAE Presidium for their cooperation on the issue of reassigning the title of 03Alexei Nikolaevich Kosygin, the USSR Prime minister, to the United University. They also briefly informed the participants about the general lines of work of the university.

Participants from the Azerbaijan Academy of Engineering, Georgian Academy of Engineering, Kyrgiz Academy of Engineering, Tajikistan Academy of Engineering, Uzbekistan Federation of Engineering, National Engineering Academy of Kazakhstan, Russian Academy of Engineering, Taiwan Branch of the IAE, Slovenian Branch of the IAE, Central European Branch of the IAE, and the Belarussian Branch of the IAE were taking part in the meeting.

The International and Russian Academies of Engineering are actively working in 25 engineering fields, including aviation and space, general industrial development trends and technologies, automation and robotization of production lines, energy and material sciences.

The Russian Academy of Engineering with the participation of the IAE actively took part in the solution of global technical issues of the XX century:

– GOELRO Plan.
– Nuclear energy.
– Reactive aviation.
– Television.
– Computer equipment.
– Plastics synthesis.
– Creation of the Internet.
– Ostankino tower (537 m).
– First artificial Earth satellite.
– Unmanned spacecraft “Buran”.٭
– Rotary automated lines٭.
– Kalashnikov automatic rifle٭

– Nanotechnologies٭.

The members of the Russian Academy of Engineering took part in the development of the technological solutions.

The results of RAE’s work are highly valued in the USSR and RF, among the Academy members (from the moment of its creation):

Academicians and correspondent members of the Russian Academy of Sciences – 49 p.
USSR and RF generals and admirals – 22 p.
USSR Lenin Award Laureates – 30 p.
USSR and RF State Awards Laureates– 211 p. (256 awards).
USSR and RF Government Awards – 385 p. (526 awards).
Honored Scientists of the RF – 341 p.
USSR and RF Ministers – 49 p.
University presidents – 49 p.

Scientific and project organization managers – 54 p.

The IAE and RAE President Boris Vladimirovich Gusev presented the 2017 summary report.

The following results were achieved in 2017 with the participation of national academies and of the IAE branches:

Over 230 forums, conferences, expositions, round tables, symposiums were conducted;
Over 200 books, monographies, textbooks were published;
Over 4700 articles published;
Over 50 scientific and informative periodic publications are being issued;
Intellectual property licenses and patents – 295;
PhD dissertations defended – 27 p.;
 PhD candidate dissertations defended – 126 p.:
Awarded by medals – 44 p.;
Laureates of National Awards– 14 p.;

Laureates of International Awards – 4 p.

The Tan Prize Fund ManagerprofJenn-Chuan Chern (Taiwan branch of the IAE) made a report on the Tan Prize

The following participants spoke during the discussion:

Sergey Ashotovich Minasyan, Armenian Academy of Engineering President;

Branko Katalinich, Director of the Central European branch of the IAE;

Ahad Hanahmed ogly Janahmedov, main scientific secretary, Vice president of the Azerbaijan Academy of Engineering;

Munijon Abdusamatov, Vice president of the Tajikistan Academy of Engineering;

Rostislav Petrovich Simonyantz, IAE academician, Chairman of the Slovenian branch of the IAE;

Archil Iverievich Prangishvili, President of the Georgian Academy of Engineering;

Alisher Alimjanovich Eshanov, Vice president of the Uzbekistan Federation of Engineering;

Nikolay Yurievich Trifonov, IAE Academician, the Belarussian Branch of the IAE;

Arcadiy Konstantinovich Tokhonov, IAE Academician, Manager of the Tolyatti branch of the RAE, and others.

Full members and correspondent members, as well as foreign members were appointed to the International and Russian Academies of Engineering. The appointed members are from Austria, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Israel, Italy, China, Kyrgyz Republic, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Russian Federation, Taiwan, Ukraine and Croatia.

Presidium of the Council of Presidents of the International Academy of Engineering and Presidium of Russian Academy of Engineering