General Meeting of the International and Russian Academies of Engineering, May 15, 2015

General Meeting was attended by representatives of national academies of engineering, chapters, and representative offices of IAE from 11 foreign countries.

Summarizing the efforts of the Academy, it was emphasized that Council of Presidents and Presidium of the Council of President have made great work in organizing efficient performance of national academies of engineering (federations), regional structures of IAE (chapters, representative offices). The activity of the mentioned structures made contribution to both technological development of states, and socio-economical prosperity of society.

Among the most actively solved tasks in the IAE for the recent years:

– Technological safety in wide range of areas;

– Efficient use of electric and heat power in all areas of industry and agriculture;

– Development and implementation of innovative biotechnologies in the national economy and ecology;

– Development of hydropower industry, and non-conventional solutions in energy industry: creation of wind power installations, biological energy ets.

At present IAE performs a range of large-scale inter-state programs uniting the efforts of engineers from different countries to solve the most important tasks in economy, industry, construction, energy, ecology, and engineering education.

Among the tasks solved by the national academy of engineering, are:

National Engineering Academy of Azerbaijan actively studies areas of renewable energy sources, chemical and oil-and-gas technologies.

Engineering academy of Armenia develops and widely implements wasteless environmentally safe technologies.

In Uzbekistan, monitoring of irrigational facilities is being implemented, as well as computer modeling of sustainability of hydro-structures with the aim of their long-term operation.

Engineering Academy of Ukraine successfully works over creation of perspective flying vehicles, new family of air engines, turbines for energy industry, gas-turbine installations for gas-transport lines, equipment for deep drilling wells, development of non-conventional energy industry, and design of production technology of power cables from cross-linked polyethylene.

In Kazakhstan,  there were developed scientific bases for creation and functioning of hydrophilic polymers for use in nаnoelectronics, designed technology of complex nanomodifiers for obtaining composite materials based on ultra-disperse aggregates, and modifying of Tengiz sulfur with nano-dispersated particles of fibrous type.

In Kyrgyz Republic, there were created unique machines with mechanisms of variable structure which are being successfully used in gold-ore deposits, and in Tajikistan, technological schemes for enriching antimony and mercury gold-containing ores of lower horizons of a range of deposits.

In Belarus, efficient work is being done on making nanofiber from polymer solutions.

The Russian Academy of Engineering (RAE) is making high-level work solving tasks on nanostructuring of materials, rational development of transport infrastructure of big cities and megalopolises, introduction of intellectual property into economical circulation.

Members of IAE in 2014 actively participated in publishing and invention work, socio-economical and public and political activities of their countries.

During the General Meeting of IAE there was made a RESOLUTION:

Work of the Council of Presidents, and Presidium of Council of Presidents for the reporting period APPROVED.

  1. To recommend to the national academies of engineering (federations), regional structures of IAE (chapters and representative offices):

– to proceed with work on uniting efforts of scientific and engineering communities, all intellectual potentials of states in the interests of scientific-technological and socio-economical progress of society, innovative activity, development of high technologies, science, and professional education;

– to increase effectiveness of work on promotion of engineering heritage, protection of legal rights and interests of scientists and engineers;

– to expand international cooperation in the area of science and technology, including on bilateral basis, as well as integration of scientists and engineers into the world scientific community;

– to implement the Agreement signed by the International Academy of Engineering with the International Union of Laboratories and Experts in Construction Materials, Systems and Structures (RILEM), to take active measures on formation in 2015 of regional RILEM group;

– to take comprehensive measures on implementation of resolutions of general meetings of IAE, and meetings of national engineering structures.

(responsible – presidents of national academies of engineering (federations), regional structures of IAE (chapters, representative offices), co-ordinator from IAE, President of IAE Gusev B.V.)

  1. To proceed with work on popularization of the main areas of engineering creative activity among youth. To take active part in organizing and holding international festivals of young scientists and engineers-innovators on the main directions of engineering-technological activity.

(responsible – presidents of national academies of engineering (federations), regional structures of IAE (chapters, representative offices), co-ordinator from IAE, Chief Scientific Secretary of IAE Pokatov A.V.)

  1. To stir up the activity of IAE members in promotion of the obtained results (projects and patents) directly on innovation market, including the international one.

(responsible: presidents of national academies of engineering (federations), regional structures of IAE (chapters, representative offices), co-ordinator from IAE, Vice President of IAE, academician Speransky A.A.)

  1. To recommend to IAE members to take active part in annual scientific Forum “Perspective Tasks of Engineering Science”.

(responsible: Vice President of IAE Nikulin V.A.)

  1. Supporting the initiative of Scientific Council of Moscow State University of Design and Technology (extract from the protocol of December 2, 2014), as well as the section “Technologies of light industry” of the Russian Academy of Engineering, General Meeting of the Academy addresses the Administration of the Government of the Russian Federation, and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation with the proposal to treat a question of giving the successfully developing MSUDT University the name of Alexey Nikolaevich Kosygin (at present, the only Textile Institute has the name of A.N.Kosygin; MSUDT was founded on the basis of the Textile Institute). This decision will more completely reflect the scale of the personality, as well as the contribution made by A.N. Kosygin to the development of the State.

 (responsible: Presidium of IAE)

During the General Meeting, a range of other questions was solved.