10 Jan

The book  “New model to arrange chemical elements” by B.V. Gusev, S.Y-L. Yin, A.A. Speransky has been recently published in English and Russian

The Periodic Law and its tabular representation by D.I. Mendeleyev and by IUPAC are one of the outstanding discoveries of mankind. At the end of 2019, the world scientific community under the UN auspices celebrated the 150th anniversary of this discovery. In the brochure, the authors took into account the Nobel laureate N.N. Semenov’s remarks on the imperfection of the tables by D.I. Mendeleev and IUPAC, proposing a new model to arrange chemical elements.

It has been proved in cosmology that chemical elements and their origin have to do with the development and Big Bang of the Universe as well as the processes that took place and keep going on in stellar systems with extreme conditions of ultra-high temperatures and pressure within these giants. The authors took the physical model of the Big Bang and expanding Universe as a basis, and set the task to describe the elements of the periodic system in the form of a three-dimensional expanding matrix of chemical elements. At the top of the matrix is hydrogen, being the basis for creating subsequent elements. The paper presents more than the already known 118 elements and considers electronic structures for 100 new (proposed) elements.

The book is published in English and Russian. The book may be useful to study the current state of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements as well as for scientists, chemical workers, teachers and students of chemical specialties.